“The main idea is to create art that will encourage and uplift people, but above all is to share positive energy that inspired me to all my paintings”

Viktoria was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1956. She seriously started to be interested in art at the age of 16. Despite her parents disapproval of her career choice she stood for her passion and pursued the profession of art. She graduated from Lviv Academy of Arts obtaining specialty of Textile Design.

While at the Lviv Academy of Arts, Viktoria’s talent was noticed and after graduation she was given the position of professor at the Department of Textile Design. Years spent at the national epicenter of art gave Viktoria great opportunities for development and later professional recognition. During the early years of her career she participated in group exhibitions and was compared on the same levels as some of best artists of the former USSR. Her contribution in the development of Ukrainian art was acknowledged in the unique print edition of “The Artists of Ukraine of 20th Century”, where she was given two pages in the category of Textiles.

Her career path although successful was not easy. The major changes in politics from USSR to independent Ukraine had a major reflection in the culture of the country. Being in the center of the most patriotic, western part of Ukraine, Viktoria witnessed the initiation of the independence movement and was inspired to have her first solo exhibition called “Ancient Kyiv”. During her creative years, Viktoria was researching different cultures and creating collections of various topics such as Ukrainian Belief (private collections), Chinese Landscapes (Restaurant Beijing), Japanese Ethnicity (private collections), The Flowers From my Mother’s Garden (private collections) and many others.

As one of her main materials Viktoria has chosen silk and fabric. She tried canvas and textile knitting in her early years, eventually choosing silk. She explains that silk allows her to express her thoughts with desired speed and allows her to reach extraordinary effects that are impossible on other mediums. Viktoria uses traditional techniques of cold and hot batik that are mostly popular in Western European countries such as Poland, Germany, Austria and France. Viktoria teaches painting on silk at the Lviv Academy of Arts and private workshops and helps to find continuations of her drawing techniques by populating them among young talents. She claims that direct contact with the youth drives her to constantly search for new shapes, characters and topics that contributed to both her and her student’s styles.

Exhibitions and Public Showings

Solo Exhibitions

1991 – “Ancient Kyiv”, State Historical Architecture Preservation, Kyiv, Ukraine
1992 – The Cultural Centre “Voyevodskiy”, Legnica, Poland
1992 – The Gallery at the Market, Tarnov, Poland
1994 – Mijeming, Austria
1996, 1998, 2000 – Rzheshuv, Poland
1999, 2000 – Burg Beeskow, Beeskow, Germany
2001 – Sauerlach, Germany
2007 – Zheshuv, Poland
2005 – “On the Mother’s Day”, SVCC, Oakville, Canada
2008 – Kandezhime-Kozle, Poland
2008 – Xozho, Poland
2008 – Zheshuv, Poland
2008 – Yaslo, Poland
2008 – Nalenchuv, Poland
2008 – Strzhizhov, Poland
2009 – Lviv Museum of Ethnography, Lviv, Ukraine
2009 – Gallery Double T, Waterloo, Canada
2009 – Kandezhime-Kozle, Poland
2009 – Dom Polonii, Krakow, Poland
2009 – Impressions Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2010 – Osrodek Kulturi, Strzelcy Opolski, Poland
2010 – Czestochowa, Poland
2010 – Zdishovicy, Poland
2011 – Orchard Orangery, Lancut, Poland
2011 – Gallery Ratusha, Zheshuv, Poland
2011 – ZPAP, Opole, Poland
2012 – Gallery Corali, Lviv, Ukraine

Group Exhibitions

1998 – USSR, “Youth of the Country”, Moscow, Russia
1989 – Republican Art Exhibition “Man and the World”, Artist House, Kyiv, Ukraine
1989 – National Exhibition of the Mini-Tapestry, The House of Creativity, National Museum, Riga
1990 – “Decorative Art of Ukraine”, Manezh, Moscow, Russia
1991 – “Dolya”, Ukrainian Cultural Centre, Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, USA
1992 – Chicago, Ukrainian Cultural Centre, USA
1993 – 1994 – Western American Tour, Chicago, Illinois, USA
1993 – “Seven Winds”, Warren, Michigan, USA
1995 – “Legend Ukrainian Mythology Folklore, “Detroit, USA
1994 – National Ukrainian Exhibition “Presentation ’94″, Kyiv, Ukraine
1996 – Exhibition in honour of the 50th Anniversary of the Department of Art Textile of Lviv Academy of Art, the Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukraine
1996 – “Schabli 2″, Chicago, Ukrainian Cultural Centre of St. Volodymyr & Olga
1997 – National Ukrainian Exhibition “Presentation ’97″, Kyiv, Ukraine
2000 – Lviv Autumn Salon, Lviv, Ukraine
2003 – Ukrainian Festival in New York, USA
2003 – Ukrainian Festival “Verhovyna”, New York, USA
2003 – Ukrainian Festival “On Bloor”, Toronto, Canada
2003 – “Expressions in Art”, Oakville, Canada
2004 – Lviv Autumn Salon, Lviv, Ukraine
2005 – “Expressions Of Art, Oakville, Canada
2006 – “Sadochok Art Show”, Mississauga, Canada
2010 – The World of Artists, Beacon, USA
2010 – International Art Festival of Artistic Tapestry Transformations, Krakow, Poland
2011 – Spring Salon, Lviv, Ukraine

Symposiums and Workshops

1999 – “Art Education at the Beginning of the Third Millennium”, Lviv, Ukraine
2000, 2002, 2004 – Biennalee of The Art of Lynen “From Krosno to Krosno”, Poland
2000 – Workshop and Exhibition “Panoderama”, Frankfurt (O), Germany
2002 – International Symposium and Exhibition, Hochemyshl, Poland
2003 – Fifth International Workshop and Exhibition, Lantsut, Poland
2003 – National Ukrainian Exhibition “Ukrainian Decorative Art of 20th Century”, ” 200 Names”, Kyiv, Ukraine
2008 – International Workshop and Exhibition, Yashcembl, Poland
2008 – 6th International Workshop and Exibition, Lantsut, Poland
2010 – International Art Workshop, Kazimierz-Dolny, Poland
2010 – 10th International Workshop and Exibition, Lancut, Poland
2010 – Glucholazy Annual International Art Workshop, Glucholazy, Poland
2010 – Southampton Art School Workshop, Southampton, Canada
2011 – International Art Workshop, Kszemienna-Lancut, Poland